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Old Country Brazos 20x60 Standard


NOTICE: This is a pre-order item.

The value of the Old Country Brazos cannot be beat! 1/4” steel construction and a great design create a well performing and long lasting pit that will have you producing amazing BBQ.


The Old Country Brazos are the best value in an offset smoker, hands down   These are the new models with the improved hinge design and the removable firebox deflector. Add our stack extension for increased flow and these smokers really come alive.

The recent addition of a removable firebox deflector vs a fixed deflector is huge. This deflector directs heat downward when it leaves the firebox and enters the cook chamber. While they perform great with the deflector, many have removed that deflector to let the smoker cook top down. With the deflector removed, the heat then travels immediately upward when it leaves the firebox and then gets pulled downward as it reaches the stack side of the smoker. This top down cook style renders fat from the top (better protection and flavor) and tends to created more even and flowing heat.  This is revered by many as the best way to cook  

Our Stack Extension:  I consider this a must. While the Brazos cooks well with the stock stack, our recommendation is to add the stack extension. The reason being is extending the stack increases the draft and flow in the pit. This allows better control for heat distributions and allows you to create better convection when needed. This also allows for a cleaner, more precise fire which helps greatly in the quality of smoke and better tasting food. A link to our stack extension is below.  (The stack extension  is not included). Our extension matches the stack perfectly and looks great.  There are lots of DIY alternatives, but they don’t have the same quality, clean appearance or hours upon hours of testing and development to find the right flow for the cooker. Either way, please put a stack extension on the Brazos as it makes a tremendous difference in the way these cook.

Firebox wood/ charcoal grate: I use this for grilling in the fire box, but prefer to remove it when smoking.  Building a big coal bed is the key to running offsets smoothly. The burn grate works well, but I find it easier and more consistent to build the fire and the subsequent coal bed on the floor of the firebox. A lot of people tend to use too big of pieces of wood.  Smaller diameter pieces make a better coal bed, and allow for better control.  If you’re struggling with fire management, use smaller pieces. I use 10-12” max length and typically 2-3” in diameter max, but always have much smaller diameter ready to go.  


  • Slide out bottom grate
  • Half depth second shelf 
  • Cooking grate in fire box
  • Pot warmer (perfect for preheating wood)
  • Threaded hole for temp gauge
  • Removable firebox deflector  

NEW! TheBBQHQ Custom Stack Extension for Old Country Brazos.
Click HERE to see find out more.

Grate Dimensions:

  • Bottom Grate: 17.75" X 34.75"
  • Top Grate (warming shelf) 8.25" X 34.75"

 Grill Dimensions:

  • Overall: 70"W x 24.5"D (wheel to wheel) x 54.5"H (including smoke stack)
  • Cook Box: 40"W x 19" diameter
  • Fire Box: 20"W x 19" diameter
  • 490lbs

Please note, when shipping this unit, these dimensions above are for the individual unit, and shipping quotes will be based on a palletized grill.


    We can ship these across California. Please contact us for a quote! 

    What are the options for getting these sweet smokers?

    1. Pickup at TheBBQHQ

    This is the most cost effective option. We recommend bringing a pickup truck with an open bed or rent a U-haul trailer. These smokers are deceptively heavy and will require multiple people to unload.  We will help you load it at TheBBQHQ.

    2. Local delivery

    We have a driver that delivers locally across the Los Angeles area during the week. Please contact us for availability and cost to deliver locally. This is a curbside delivery service.

    We do offer a "White glove" delivery service where you can place the smoker exactly where you need it. We need to know the path of travel through your property to properly quote the cost of this service

    3. Palletized freight

    If you are not able to pickup the smoker or qualify for us to deliver it local, we can send it via a freight carrier. Please note that freight in California is very expensive. Add in residential delivery with a lift gate requirement, and the price tends to jump up quickly. Curbside delivery only

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