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TheBBQHQ Custom Stack Extension for Old Country Brazos


* Please Note The Stack Extension With Damper Has A Lead Time Of Approximately 1 Week

Introducing our Custom Stack Extension for the Old Country Brazos!

The Old Country Brazos is undoubtedly one of the best values in BBQ. Years ago, after a few cooks on the Brazos, we felt it needed more draw to match our preference in cooking styles. But in true BBQHQ fashion, we started playing with a stack extension to increase the draft and removed the stock baffle that fired heat downward. After extensive testing of multiple lengths, we were most happy with a 16" Schedule 10 pipe.  It's easy to add a longer stack, which creates a really powerful draft, but too much draft can be as detrimental as not enough draft. If you want to run the Brazos in a top-down cooking configuration, then this extension is a must.

The stack installs easily by simply sliding the three prongs into the stack and it holds firmly in place while creating a nice seal with the stock stack for no leakage. It is easily removable, which allows you to use a cover...which a more fixed stack extension can prevent.

We then worked on a baffle that fires the heat upward immediately upon entering the cook chamber.  The combination of these two upgrades makes the Brazos perform like smokers 3-4x times the cost. 

 Optionally: Get the stack with a damper welded on, just like the stock damper you have now! For perfect fire management, select the added damper at the time of purchase.






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