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TheBBQHQ Custom Stack Extension for Old Country Brazos


Introducing our Custom Stack Extension for the Old Country Brazos!

The Old Country Brazos is undoubtedly one of the best values in BBQ. Years ago, after a few cooks on the Brazos, we felt it needed more draw to match our preference in cooking styles. But in true BBQHQ fashion, we started playing with a stack extension to increase the draft and removed the stock baffle that fired heat downward. After extensive testing of multiple lengths, we were most happy with a 16" Schedule 10 pipe. It's easy to add a longer stack, which creates a really powerful draft, but too much draft can be as detrimental as not enough draft. If you want to run the Brazos in a top-down cooking configuration, then this extension is a must.

The stack installs easily by simply sliding the three prongs into the stack and it holds firmly in place while creating a nice seal with the stock stack for no leakage. It is easily removable, which allows you to use a cover...which a more fixed stack extension can prevent.

We then worked on a baffle that fires the heat upward immediately upon entering the cook chamber.  The combination of these two upgrades makes the Brazos perform like smokers 3-4x times the cost. 


**Please note production time is 2-3 weeks on our custom stacks

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