TheBBQHQ Story

TheBBQHQ was borne out of a passion for BBQ and helping those succeed with their BBQ journey.

What started as ember of passion for BBQ, Eric Rowley owned a few smokers and grills, favoring the wood cooked methods. As a professional firefighter in Southern California, he enjoyed cooking and smoking for his crews at the fire station.

Somewhere around 2010, Eric stumbled across a pellet grill and was very intrigued by the concept. Not one to leave well enough alone, and not too thrilled with the temperature control of the smoker, he set out to create his own pellet grill controller. In doing so, he had fun helping others build controllers and watch them enjoy successes in their cooking endeavors.

Eric eventually formed a friendship with GMG as they donated a grill to one of his fire stations.  In this, he became a dealer and began to casually sell grills out of The Racer's Edge Motorcycle Shop in Simi Valley, under the name of Simi Pellet Grills to  focus on spreading the word of an awesome product and way of  cooking.

The grill sales began to grow as did the request for various product lines and smoker varieties. Yoder, Memphis, and Camp Chef were added to the line up and quickly his sales began to increase. 

In 2015, Eric partnered with Todd Larsen to further expand TheBBQHQ