Suckle Busters Lemon Pepper Garlic

Suckle Busters


This seasoning is made for grilling seafood. It contains large flakes of sea salt, black pepper, and garlic plus a natural lemon flavor. Sea salt, lemon oil, and real lemon powder provide the salty-tart flavor that works well on any type of seafood, especially grilled fish. Shake it on and grill it up, there is an easy to use recipe on the label. All-Natural, No MSG and Gluten Free. Enjoy! 

Flavor Profile: Lemon, black pepper and garlic

Heat Level: Medium (black pepper)

Use On: Fish or any Seafood

Ingredients: Sea salt, garlic, black pepper, turbinado sugar, onion, sugar, lemon juice powder, lemon oil, and spices. No MSG, Gluten Free.

Collections: Rubs & Seasonings, Sauces & Rubs

Type: Rub

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