Meadow Creek BBQ18 Chicken Cooker

Meadow Creek

This is the smallest of our charcoal grills with rotating grates and comes with a lid and a charcoal pan, which can be raised for a more intense fire for grilling steaks and burgers.

Additional Information

Overall Dimensions

19"h x 25"l x 19"w

Grate Dimensions

16" x 12"

Metal Thickness

13 guage

Net Weight

60 lbs.

Shipping Weight

75 lbs.

Capacity of Sausage Links


Capacity of Party Wings

5 lbs.

Capacity of Hamburgers


Capacity of Ribeye Steaks


Features of the BBQ18 Chicken Cooker

  • Hinged Lid
  • Calibratable stainless steel thermometer.
  • Rotating double-sided grate made of food-grade T304 stainless steel rod which won’t rust.
  • Charcoal Pan Insert
  • Vents in Lid
  • Grill body is made of 13-gauge welded steel and painted with black heat-resistant paint in an attractive matte finish.
  • Charcoal Pan Height Adjustment Brackets

This item can be ordered online and drop-shipped to your front door. Email for more information or call (805) 285-2618.

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