Grillbadger Grill Brush


Grillbadger is the all natural grill cleaning brush. It features tough palmyra bristles and angled wooden handle. Also comes with sturdy steel scraper and hemp cord. Great for backyard grills and bbq smokers too.  

For a cold or warm grill. Grillbadger can take the heat, just avoid direct contact with flames. 

How to use Grillbadger

Grillbadger is made from plants so it's different from other grill brushes and requires a different cleaning approach.  It will work on a cold or a warm grill. Clean the grill as it’s warming up or cooling down. Grillbadger is suitable for warm to hot surfaces, just avoid direct contact with flames. 

For best results, the brush should be kept out of the rain and stored in a dry place.

Use cold or with low to medium heat

DO NOT use over high heat

DO NOT expose to direct flame

Outdoor use only

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