Camp Chef Bamboo Cutting Board

Camp Chef


Prepping meat for the grill can be a difficult, messy job when you don’t have the right cutting board. That’s where the Camp Chef Bamboo Cutting Board comes in. The huge surface area gives you all the room you need to work with big briskets, hams, ribs, steaks, and anything else you might be cooking. Additionally, the deep groove carved around the outside catches all the juices and keeps the mess in check. The board is designed to fit on top of the Camp Chef Patio Cart as a perfect outdoor prep station, but you’ll love using it on its own as well. Add the Bamboo Cutting Board to your kitchen collection now.

• 13.25" x 15" x 1" (CHOP14)

• 18" x 26" x 1" (CHOP26)

• Solid bamboo construction

• Recessed groove for catching juices

• Great to transport food from grill to table

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