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Shipping, Freight and Delivery Policies

Free Shipping on Qualifying Orders of $89 or more! If the order total is less than $89 with those same items, shipping is only $10! 

We do our best to make shipping as economical as possible. If we can calculate a cheaper shipping option, we will present it to you in the cart. Not all Products qualify for Free Shipping, especially fuels, meat and some grills. Products qualifying for free shipping will be designated as such on its individual page.

International Shipments

On any International shipments, the consignee is responsible for any duties or tax's that may arise to deliver the package to your country.

If the product is in stock in the store, why is there a freight charge when I am picking it up from TheBBQHQ?

Shipping heavy items like smokers, wood and pellets is very expensive. Some brands take this into consideration with their pricing, while others do not. We do our best to keep shipping costs down, and most of the time we are taking on some of that cost. The bottom line is most of the time we need to pass some of the shipping cost of these heavy items like smokers to the customer, and this ultimately keeps our prices lower.  


Why is there still an additional charge on top of the freight charge for my smoker to be delivered to me?

Some brands allow for us to drop ship directly to our customers. Others require us to have their products come straight to our store, but we can then offer delivery once we have it.  This is often the most cost efficient route, as we do our best to ship full truckloads, which keeps the freights costs down dramatically. We then in turn will deliver through one of our carriers or we will deliver via one of TheBBQHQ's trailers. Our main company is Frontline Freight and Fulfillment and we have the ability to ship anything, anywhere. We also have a fleet of local box trucks that make deliveries across Southern California every day that we may utilize for your delivery as well.

Whether we are delivering via TheBBQHQ's trailers, our local carrier or through one of our nationwide carriers, the smoker or grill will be delivered to the front of your house or location. You will then be responsible for for unpacking and moving the smoker to its final location. We can assist in moving the smoker or grill to where you want it, but you may incur additional charges if moving up or down stairs or steps, or if un-assembling and assembling is required.


Local Deliveries

We offer a few types of local deliveries based on your need:


This is your most cost efficient option. This is a delivery using one of our bobtail trucks and a lift gate, delivered curbside. We can deliver the grills assembled or unassembled (if  that is an option). Note: The driver will not move the grills or smoker anywhere other than the driveway due to liability. The driver also does not have knowledge of the specific use details of the product. 


White Glove:

This is a more expensive option but must be chosen if you want the grill into its final spot or training on how to use the grill or smoker. We require that you give us the following information on where you want the grill to be placed as it may require additional equipment or people to complete the delivery:

1. Final location of the grill/smoker on the property.

2. Number of stairs going up and/or down to the final spot. We may request pictures and measurements.

3. Type of terrain or surface that the delivery will be require to travel over on your property. 

Once we have this information we will give you a delivery price. If we arrive to perform the delivery and the requirements are different than provided to us, we have the right to refuse the delivery and not refund the delivery fee. Additional delivery attempts will incur an additional charges. 

It is is our goal to provide you with the best service and experience possible while providing for safety for all involved in the delivery process as well as prevent any damage to any property. The grills and smokers are deceptively heavy (most are well in excess of 200 lbs) and require more than

Picking up your grill/smoker from The BBQ HQ: 

We gladly help you load your purchase at the shop. We have forklifts and personnel available to accommodate loading your vehicle with your assistance.  

Often times we recommend renting a trailer from Uhaul or the like to pick up your purchase. These trailers are often inexpensive to rent for the day and make things much easier to load and unload.

Don’t forget tie downs and padding!