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Pitts and Spitts Maverick 1250 Pellet Grill


Available for drop shipping from warehouse location.

The carbon steel cooking chamber is made of 7 and 10 gauge carbon steel. This grill comes standard with our signature 304 stainless steel lid and work shelf.

Eric’s take: 

The Pitts and Spitts is one heck of a cooker. The control algorithms in the controller create a very incredible thin blue smoke that loads a great flavor. I still feel some of my best briskets off a pellet smoker have come from a Pitts.  There’s a few features on the Pitts 1250 that I really like:

  • both levels of shelves slide out
  • deep enough for full pans on the bottom
  • valve on the grease port. Keeps things clean, especially if you have a dog that loves the grease bucket 
  • 40 lb hopper is never a bad thing 
  • stainless lid cleans so easy
  • Thick fully welded body. Best in the industry as far as I’m concerned. The stainless lid is very deceiving because it is so balanced and it feels light…as opposed to other brands that the lid feels heavier when lifted, which gives the initial impression that the overall grill is built better, but the Pitts is without a doubt built like a tank…a phrase that I hear used frequently, but I would definitely not qualify anything less than a Pitts in that area. I’ve seen these dropped out of the back of trucks and come out unscathed. 
  • Truly a unit that will be handed down to your kids. The build with last forever and they use great electrical components. We see a very little issue rate with Pitts. We have a 2000 that’s going on 6 years old now that has been used and abused and it has not skipped a beat at all. 
  • World class customer service. We deal with a lot of companies. Pitts and Spitts is at the top of customer service. A great team in the heart of Texas. 
  • PID controller for superior temperature control
  • Smart Meat Probe
  • Wi-Fi Capable
  • 35-pound hopper
  • Stainless steel hopper lid
  • The expanded metal rack on the bottom to hold pellets
  • Grease drain with ball valve for precise airflow control
  • Handcrafted hardwood handles for the stainless steel lid
  • Rubber covered maneuvering handles
  • Stainless steel working surface
  • Paper towel rack
  • (3) Tool hooks for hanging cooking utensils
  • Trap door drip pan now standard!!!
  • Dimensions
    Model Options  Maverick 1250
    Barrel Size
    diameter x length
    Pit Dimensions
    diameter x length x height
    Total Cooking Area
    sq. in. 






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