Meadow Creek PG25 Patio Grill

Meadow Creek

This charcoal grill is ideal for cooking up a few burgers or steaks and some sides on the patio. The PG25 comes with a removable charcoal pan that can be raised to cook foods such as ribs, pork shoulders, and whole turkeys with indirect heat.

Holds 16–20 burgers, 7–9 ribeye steaks, or 1 rack of spare ribs.

Additional Information

Overall Dimensions

40" high

Grate Dimensions

13" x 22"

Capacity of Sausage Links


Capacity of Party Wings

6 lbs.

Capacity of Hamburgers


Capacity of Ribeye Steaks


Capacity of Spare Ribs


Collections: Grills & Smokers, Meadow Creek

Type: Grill

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