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Cookin' Pellets Longhorn Blend - 40lb


Our Newest blend of the most popular southern hardwoods used today: Mesquite, Cherry, Hard Maple!

This is our NEWEST blend! Tested and blended to offer a great Mesquite flavor without the BITE Just Mesquite, Cherry, Hard Maple!

No oak or alder filler.

This Mesquite blend works on shorter cooks/smokes and long smokes without the over power flavor of Mesquite.

Finishes with a slight sweet, medium to heavy smoke with that Mesquite finish.

Still no lesser grade woods used! Just 100% top Hardwoods!

PERFECT Mix adds a nice Smoke flavor any food. We here at use this as our everyday pellet. Just a great flavor. With no loss of flavor due to lesser grade woods as in other companies blends.

* 100% of what we say it is NO Filler. * Low moisture * Low Fine, dust. * High BT

Our Pellets are 100% of the wood named! We don’t add filler or soft woods like others do. Some companies use  80% Oak or Alder, a cheaper filler wood mixed into the wood you are buying! Ask if it is 100%! Our woods’ BTU average 8500+

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