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Yoder Smokers 24" Stockton Vertical Smoker

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  • The cooking chamber height is 38" from the bottom grate to the top of the cooking chamber.
  • The cooking chamber length and width is 2' Cooking chamber is constructed from 1/4" steel
  • Offset firebox dimensions are 2' x 2' x 2' Firebox (top and bottom) is 1/2" steel plate, sides are 1/4" steel plate
  • Dual-damper through draft control + firebox damper for increased temperature control
  • Thermometers: 2 mounted on the vertical chamber door
  • Hinges are gas assisted cylinders - this creates a strong seal on the chamber door
  • The cooking chamber includes 8 cooking racks with 4" of clearance between each rack
  • Removable cooking grates in the cooking chamber
  • Plated coil handles are "cool to the touch"
  • Mounted on steel wheels

Over and over we heard our customers asking for a BBQ pit that delivers a large cooking area in a compact footprint. The Stockton is the answer to this request. With just over 4,300 square inches of cooking surface in a compact space (62" long x 82" high x 35.5" wide), this pit can easily handle 24+ racks of ribs of 16+ pork butts or whatever your friends or customers desire. The Stockton is fitted with eight, two-foot square racks positioned 4" apart. Load all 8 or remove every other rack for increased cooking height.

This design is as versatile as your cooking requirements are varied. Load it up with ribs and then fill it with turkeys, it's that simple. Unique to Stockton's design is the variable damper located between the firebox and the cooking chamber. The damper is variable from wide open to fully close allowing the pitmaster to fine-tune the heat and smoke into the pit creating temperature swings of over 100-degrees at will. Unique to this model is the hinges. Gas-assisted cylinders create a suction-like seal on the cooking chamber which seals in heat and flavor. No matter how you use it, this pit is extremely versatile and will excel in the backyard, in competition, or in commercial use.

*Please note this unit has a 6-8 week lead time

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