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TheBBQHQ Custom Firebox Baffle for Old Country Gen 2 & Pecos


Introducing our specially crafted baffle, meticulously designed and thoroughly tested in TheBBQHQ Lab to elevate your Old Country Gen 2 Offset Smoker experience.  As heat and smoke leave the cook chamber, this baffle sends it straight up, freeing up grate space or the need for a water pan to reduce the effects of an open firebox to the cook chamber. The heat and smoke then travel across the grates and finally drop back down before escaping through the stack. This design is seen in many high-end cookers...and there's a reason as it provides exceptional performance. We continually tweaked the dimensions to optimize this seemingly simple baffle to meet our high expectations of performance. This is designed to work with our stack will work with the stock stack, but since this baffle requires a bit more draw, the stack extension makes all the difference. 

Constructed of 1/4" steel, it will last as long as the smoker does! 

Installation is as easy as just dropping it right into place! 

Works on Old Country Gen 2 Smokers & Pecos

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