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Looft Lighter X


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Quickly and easily light your grill with the Looftlighter X Battery Powered Lighter and Firestarter. The all-electric Looft Lighter X lights your fire in 60 seconds using only battery power and can light up to 10 times on a single charge. You can use this to light charcoal, woodchips, and logs. This lighter does not use gas, flame, nor lighter fluids, making it safe to use both indoors and outdoors. With Loofts Automatic Ignition Program, you will get the perfect balance between heating and airflow. This also comes with a 36V Li-Ion Battery Pack and Charging Base, and charges in 2 hours. Optional accessories and add-ons include the Looftlighter X Case, Looftlighter X Heat Shield replacement part, and Looftlighter X Battery Pack replacement part - all sold separately.

  • FastLike seriously fast. The Looft Lighter I hits temperatures of 1200°F and gets your charcoal glowing in 60 seconds.
  • VersatileCharcoal grill, pizza oven, fireplace logs, and briquettes. Looft Lighter I gets that perfect glow smoldering in no time.
  • SafeNo gas, no flame and no lighter fluids means that you rule the fire with nothing more than super-heated air. And the safety casing cools down seconds after use.
  • CleanWith the Looft Lighter I there’s no CO2 emissions and no toxic chemicals. Lighter fluid is a distant smelly memory.
  • What's In The Box
  • Looft Lighter X
  • 36V Li-Ion Battery Pack
  • Looft Brochure and Safety Instructions