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GrillGrate Griddle & Defrost Plate

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Want the perfect fit for your grill or smart oven? Custom cut the GrillGrate Griddle:

For Gas Grills:

  1. Measure the front to back of your existing grilling surface.
  2. Enter that measurement into the desired length box.
  3. Enter manufacturer
  4. Choose how many griddles you want (each are 9.375” wide)
  5. Add to cart

For Smart Ovens:

  1. Typically we go horizontally in the smart oven. Please measure the width of your rack.
  2. Enter the measurement in the desired length box
  3. Enter make and manufacturer
  4. Add to cart

With the addition of the GrillGrate Griddle to our family of products you now have the ability to cook virtually anything on your grill or oven. Perfect for searing steaks and fish, does wonders for vegetables, and even cook breakfast on your grill. Bacon and eggs are a delight. GrillGrate Griddle works really well in the oven too!

  • All GrillGrate Griddles are 375″ wide and 1/4″ thick and are made from hard-anodized aluminum
  • Interlocking sides allow seamless integration with Standard Sized GrillGrates.
  • GrillGrate Griddle is more conductive and radiates heat better than a stone or baking steel
  • The GrillGrate Griddle doubles as a defroster plate