GMG Daniel Boone Custom Grill Grates

Luther Grates

Time To Elevate Your Cooking! 

Take your BBQing to the next level with our custom-built grill grates and slide out second shelf for the GMG Daniel Boone. Hand made out of Expanded Steel these grates get hotter than the original Green Mountain grates and help give you a better sear as well as better flavor on whatever you may be cooking. The diamond pattern also prevents vegetables and other objects from falling through. 

Includes the brackets, a 2x4 to get the proper height, a 1/4 drill bit, and nuts and the bolts needed to mount the second shelf.

Fits BOTH the Prime and Choice series Grills. We have not formally tested fit with the Don Godke Downdraft, however some customers are using them successfully with the Downdraft. 

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