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GI Metal I-20F/120 Azzurra 8" Stainless Steel Round Turning Perforated Pizza Peel

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Easily spin pizzas or slide them into and out of ovens with the GI Metal I-20F Azzurra 8" stainless steel round perforated pizza peel with 59" handle! This pizza peel is made entirely from stainless steel for a lightweight design that's incredibly durable, too. It's designed to be used frequently in high heat pizza ovens. The lightweight 59" handle keeps hands away from the hot oven, but is reinforced with 3 rivets where it meets the head to ensure stability.

The full stainless steel head and handle reduces heat transmission while providing durability and cleanliness. The head-handle joint is reinforced to withstand the most intense heat and frequent use that comes in a busy pizza shop. The handle also features a high-density polymer handle and sliding grip to assist in rotating pizzas while in the oven. Plus, the handle features a loop at the end for easy hanging and storage. The perforations allow for the release of flour from the bottom of the dough, reducing the chances of burnt crusts. It also assists in reduced friction when moving pizzas, leaving movements in and out of the oven smooth and incident-free. The round shape has milling around most of the curve of the head, making it easy to slide under a pizza from the side or the front.

With over 30 years of experience, GI Metal designs and produces top of the line professional and high performance Italian-made pizza equipment. Their products are intended to function as a natural extension of any pizza maker's arm, offering durable, stable, and beautiful solutions to keep pizzeria's busy and pizzas cooking.

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