Camp Chef Pellet Grill 24 DLX

Camp Chef


Pellet grill smokers are the best thing to hit the outdoor cooking industry in years, and Camp Chef’s SmokePro DLX PG24 full-feature grill and smoker knocks it out of the park. Designed with the at-home cooker in mind, features like dual temperature sensors and a digital temperature display simplify the smoking process to the same level as using an oven. That means no more guessing at heat levels or sweating over a pit for hours; you can cook your food precisely as you want it every time. Camp Chef’s pellet grills also sport a patented clean-out system, which alone puts it at the top of the industry. Goodbye to hours of vacuuming and bronchitis. Nobody's got time for either of those things. Additionally, the add-on options and wide compatibility of optional accessories such as the attachable Camp Chef BBQ Sear Box further expand the SmokePro DLX PG24 capabilities to give your meat a perfectly flavored inside, and a delicious caramelized crust on the outside; something no competitor can do yet. 

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