Butcher Bird Booster Original Injection

Butcher BBQ


Injecting chicken will instantly giving you moisture and flavor deep in the chicken, without all the mess you get with soaking. The Original Flavor Bird Booster has the richest chicken base flavor you can find. Along with the perfect amount of butter, this can be used for your everyday cook or your holiday meal.

The Butcher BBQ Bird Booster Chicken injection is one of the best injections on the market and comes with a free scoop in every jar. Bird Booster injection was used to win the 1st World Food Barbeque Championships. Injecting chicken is an easier way to get a deep natural flavor and moisture in the meat, without the mess of soaking in a brine. Pinpoint flavor right where the judges taste it. It also helps against overcooking small pieces where the window of overdoneness and drying starts. 

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Type: Injections

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