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Blaze 14 3/4" Ceramic Pizza Stone With Stainless Steel Tray

by Blaze
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Have your own backyard pizza party with a pizza stone from Blaze Outdoor Products. This 14 3/4 inch pizza stone is made from high-fired refractory ceramics and has a stainless steel tray that elevates the stone, so you can evenly bake a pizza or even desserts! This stone is specifically designed for Blaze Original and Premium LTE grills and the tray sits on the ledges inside the grill where the cooking grates sit. It can also rest on top of the cooking grids of the Blaze Professional LUX and other brands of gas grills. The cooking grid must be removed to set this tray on the ledge. The stone is resistant to thermal shock so it will not crack if exposed to extreme temperature changes.

  • Stainless steel tray elevates the stone allowing hot air to heat the stone
  • Thermal shock resistance ensures the stone will not crack from extreme temperature changes
  • Use it to bake pizzas, bread, cookies, and more
  • Sits directly on the ledge where the cooking grates rest on any Blaze Original or Premium LTE grill

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