Alfa Stone Mini



Alfa Stone Mini

The Alfa Stone Mini is a natural gas fueled pizza oven that features a 58,000 BTU burner. Alfa Ovens utilize Forninox Technology that combines the properties of stainless steel with aluminum silicate refractory firebrick to achieve a fuel efficient and relatively lightweight oven. The stainless steel dome is studied to rapidly reach operating temperature while consuming relatively little fuel. Ceramic fibre insulation maintains long-lasting warmth and helps maintain a constant internal temperature. This professional pizza oven features a 443 square inch refractory floor made from interchangeable tiles that are specifically designed to store heat and convey it from the bottom upwards. The dimensions and mouth of the Stone Mini are ideal to cook 2 pizzas in 90 seconds or 4.4 pounds of bread with every oven load. The oven door is fitted with a glass window that allows you to see inside the oven without altering the temperature.

Key Features

  • Efficient design for optimal heat retention
  • 58,000 BTU Natural Gas Burner
  • Features a temperature gauge and glass window in the door
  • 443 Square inch cooking floor accommodates approximately 2 pizzas or 4.4 pounds of bread per load
  • Copper finish is powder coated to resist high temperatures
  • Counter Top Only Model

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