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Alfa Moderno Portable Pizza Oven-Grey-LP Only

by Alfa
Sold out
  • Reaches up to 1000 Degrees F in 20 minutes
  • Lightweight - Only 77 lbs
  • HeatGenius technology minimizes fuel consumption
  • Carry bag (sold separately) allows you to take this pizza oven anywhere

The Alfa Moderno Portable Pizza Oven in Ardesia Grey features an Authentic HeatKeeper Firebrick that absorbs and stores heat far better than the lava stone or ceramic used in other pizza ovens, resulting in a crispy, moist crust baked at precisely the right temperature. The DoubleDown Ceramic Superwool insulation between the stainless steel walls offers up to twice the heat resistance of rock wool insulation used in other artisan at-home pizza ovens, which maintains the heat for consistently perfect pizzas. Alfa's patented Full Effect Full Circulation Flue System ensures the proper temperatures required to bake both crust and toppings. The chimney at the top circulates hot air fully around the chamber and is driven back down to where it can heat the firebrick and pizza before hitting a deflector at the top and traveling up an escape where it finally exits out the chimney. The Alfa Moderno Portable Pizza Oven is a clever and efficient choice for achieving authentic, restaurant-quality pizza just about anywhere.

Width 21.7"
Depth 20.4"
Height 35.9"
Weight 77 lbs

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