M-Grills M1 Charcoal Grill/ Smoker


Introducing the M1 from M Grills. We designed this grill from the ground up to be the best multi-functional charcoal grill and wood smoker on the market. The M1 is designed for grilling and smoking using charcoal and/or wood. The M1 has everything you want in a high end backyard cooker. Thick 10 gauge steel, fully adjustable charcoal grate, all grates are solid 1/4" 304 stainless steel, high-end industrial thermal paint that is baked on for durability, Tel-Tru stainless steel thermometer, and so much more. The M1 is a charcoal grill and searing machine. Simply use the solid stainless steel hand crank on the front of the grill for an ultimate grilling and searing experience. The M1 also features a wood burning firebox for true low and slow smoking. With a dedicated 1/4" thick firebox door, slide out charcoal/wood basket, double wall insulated firebox compartment, and fully welded steel baffle to direct heat in a reverse airflow configuration - the M1 is also a serious wood smoker. 

The M1 is a beautiful grill with it's traditional yet modern design. It's design is perfect for a backyard patio or porch. The size of the M1 can be very deceiving. In it's standard configuration, you can smoke up to 3 full size briskets at once on this cooker with indirect heat. Add our "Top Shelf Accessory" and have even more space! The M1 is simply built like a tank. This is not your typical big box store grill. You will not have to replace this grill over the next few years. This is a serious piece of American Made craftsmanship that is built to last!


Thick Steel and Fully Welded Construction

The M1 is made entirely from thick 10 gauge steel. Almost 3 times thicker than most grills on the market. M Grills are all fully welded and handcrafted to ensure every piece has a proper tight fit and beautiful appearance. This thick steel and full welded construction is key for maintaining controllable temperatures and grill longevity.

A True Wood Smoker

The beauty in the M1 is it’s amazing smoking capabilities. Unlike large offset smokers, it does not take much fuel or time to get the M1 up to perfect smoking temperature. We recommend a half chimney of hot natural lump charcoal to get the M1 up to smoking temperature and then add wood as needed to maintain the fire. The M1 will hold 225-250 degrees for hours. You will be amazed at how simple the M1 is to smoke with. There are no gimmicks with the M1. You simply can not beat the flavor of true wood smoking. The M1 features a dedicated firebox with a 1/4” thick firebox door, slide out charcoal/wood basket, double wall insulated firebox compartment, and fully welded steel baffle to direct heat in a reverse airflow configuration. There are no accessories needed to get you up and smoking on the M1. Maintaining heat is crucial in a good smoker. That’s why 95% of the M1 is welded solid with superb fit. 

Adjustable Grate for Grilling and Searing

The position of your fire may be mechanically adjusted up or down. Different cooking methods require varying placements of the fire. Turning the outer solid stainless steel crank handle clockwise raises the fire grate to the “sear” position for quick cooking of steaks, burgers, etc. Turning the crank handle counterclockwise lowers the grate towards the firebox baffle for cooking chicken, ham, bread, etc.

Cooking Grates

Our cooking grates are constructed of heavy 1⁄4” diameter solid 304 stainless steel. They provide a clean, durable cooking surface. The individual grates are spaced closer together than most grills on the market to keep smaller foods from falling through.

Heat Deflector / Baffle

The Heat Deflector plate (or baffle) is a solid sheet of 10 gauge steel that is fully welded into the grill. The opening at one end allows the heat and smoke from the firebox to enter the main cooking chamber. The configuration of the firebox, baffle, and top hood vent flows in a reverse airflow configuration allowing more even heat distribution and virtually no cold spots due to the radiant heat from the baffle. 


Accurate to within 1 degree, this stainless steel thermometer from Tel-Tru helps you maintain your desired cooking temperature. Made in the USA.

Heavy Duty Hood and Hinges

Each lid is handcrafted and custom fit to the body to ensure no gaps. The lid features a wide stainless steel handle that is welded on. You will never have to worry about screws falling out, your handle rusting away, or cracking from cheap plastic. M Grills only uses heavy duty hinges that fit the full width of the grill. When you lift the lid of your M Grill, it will go up and down, not wobble in your hands and eventually fall off.

Triple Draft Vents

The M1 features three draft vents. A large sliding vent on the firebox door for controlling smoking temperatures. A grilling vent on the opposite side of the body provides the ability to control your grilling temperature. The exhaust vent is located on top of the lid on the same side as the firebox door. For smoking, close the grilling vent and adjust draft from the firebox door and top lid. For grilling, adjust draft from grilling vent and lid exhaust vent. For intense grilling heat, fully open all vents (include firebox door) to maximize air intake. The combination of thick steel, fully welded construction, and tight lid allows for easy precision temperature adjustability. Once you are done grilling, shut the lid and close all vents completely .This will snuff the coals out quickly leaving you more fuel to reuse for your next grill.


The M1 now features LAVALOCK Genuine Nomex High Temperature Gasket around the firebox door and inside the lid. A new firebox door latch system and a taller wall around the charcoal grate lifting mechanism to keep any charcoal from easily rolling off. 

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