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Kamado Joe iKamand II Smart BBQ Temperature Controller

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Kamado Joe has partnered with Desora, a tech company specializing in smart kitchen software, to create the iKamand. The iKamand is a smart BBQ controller that gives you full control of your Kamado Joe all from your smart device. The device attaches to the bottom vent of your kamado and controls the airflow in your grill with the iKamand app.

From the app, you can start, stop, monitor, and change your cook with ease. Grill or smoke using your own temperature and cook time, or choose from a variety of recipes included with the app. When an iKamand recipe is chosen, the cooking time and temperature are automatically loaded to cook your food perfectly. The app also features constantly updated content, such as videos, tutorials, and posts that will keep your kamado grillmastery at its peak.

The iKamand starts up quickly and operates quietly. The device is also designed to hold up to four (4) temperature probes and to be weather resistant. All metal components are made of stainless steel.

  • Control the cooking time and temperature of your grill using the iKamand app on your smartphone
  • App features recipes that can be loaded and used at the click of a button.
  • Constantly updated and curated content like videos, tutorials, and posts to keep your grill game at its best
  • The device starts quickly, runs quietly, and holds up to four temperature probes
  • Weather-resistant design, with all metal parts being made of stainless steel